Saturday, June 9, 2007

The Last Minutes of the USS Roosevelt

Fan Fiction
by Lt Jg Erik Stubblefield

WOLF 359, the bridge of the USS Roosevelt NCC-2573: The voice of Locutus boomed all over the ship. WE ARE THE BORG! RESISTANCE IS FUTILE! YOU WILL BE ASSIMILATED!

“Acting Captain’s Log Stardate 44002.3, Chief Science Officer Lieutenant Commander Riley Frazier recording. Captain Smith and Commander T’Kaal have been killed in an explosion when the Borg’s energy weapon hit us. Our warp engines and phasers are off line. We are attempting to escape under half-impulse power while firing our photon torpedoes, but we cannot seem to lock on to the Borg cube…”

“Our shields are failing, sir! We are being boaaaAAAARRR.!” Lieutenant Cho bellowed as her Ops consol shorted out in a kaleidoscope of sparks.

“All hands abandon ship, Escape plan Beta, get to the shuttles, escape pods, and transporters!” Frazier flipped the intercom button from interior ship wide communications to ship to ship. “To any Federation vessel. This is the Roosevelt. We are being boarded by the Borg and are abandoning ship!” Frazier stepped to the Ops position, pushing a lifeless Lieutenant Cho off the console.

“Lieutenant Khaalssss, fire the remainder of our torpedoes, never mind the targeting computer, let them go straight toward the cube. They’ll hit something! Let’s see if we can release a log buoy and get the hell out of here!”

The Gorn Junior Security Officer was an imposing figure. He was just assigned to the Roosevelt from the USS Firebrand the previous month and was having a hard time adjusting to a much larger ship with a much larger crew. Frazier was the first person he met in the lounge, and was the only person on the ship not intimidated by his daunting body size. His seven-foot frame seemed to fill the turbolift and he had to duck at almost every other bulkhead divider.

“Sssssthhisth Thcchhssssss CHHHH ssage buoy away, sir. Let’s go ssssschchhhhhh” Khaalssss’s personal universal translator had been damaged in the first explosion that rocked the bridge and destroyed the main turbolift along with the security guard that was stationed there.

The first officer, a Vulcan named T’Kaal, and Captain Smith, a human born and raised by Orion pirates, had been in the command chair area when the main support beam crashed down on top of them and the navigation console. The ranking officer on the bridge was the shy science officer from Texas.

Turning from their respective consoles toward the secondary turbolift, the whine of a transporter behind them drew their attention. Whirling around, a Borg soldier began walking toward the pair.


Frazier fired her phaser, missing to the left of the Borg, destroying the remaining intact computer displays behind her target, while Khaalssss moved like an alligator launching at the gazelle at the edge of a river, knocking the Borg over the command rail.

“I thought you Gorn were slow!” Frazier quipped

“You shhhsshswould be ssssssuprised how fast we can ssshhhhsssmove in sssssssssshort bursssssssssts of time.”

“Let’s go!”

Khaalssss’s mind wandered to other places in the universe as they entered the secondary turbolift. Amazingly it was functional.

“Escape pod bank Alpha” Frazier blurted as the doors hissed closed.

Frazier looked at the Gorn, impossible to do without hurting her neck. “I bet you and the Gorn Hedgemony Battle Fleet didn’t have the Borg in mind when you decided to trade places with Commander Singh in this Universal Fleet Exchange Program!”

“It issssss no matter. The Gorn do not ssssshhhhy from battle!”

“How is your shoulder, Khaa?”

“It isssssss but a flessssshhh wound.” The Gorn stiffened, clearly uncomfortable with Frazier’s concern with his health.

“It looks pretty bad, Khaa, let me see!”

The turbolift doors hissed open halfway, leaving only one side of the doorway cleared.

Stepping out first, Frazier tripped over a Borg, stiff and inert. Falling on the uneven surface of Starfleet personnel and Borg soldiers, Frasier reached out for her Gorn companion.

The Gorn’s arms were just out of reach, as Frazier fell onto the pile of bodies, crushing the occipital bone in the rear of her skull, rendering her an unconscious lump on the deck.

The noise alerted the two Borg down the corridor to the left. On the right, two more Borg transported into the ship. They closed in on the Khaalssss.


Khaalssss, seeing the blood pool growing in size on the deck, picked Frazier up with one hand as one might pull a child from a swimming pool. His damaged left arm pulled a phaser rifle from the upper half of a slain security officer. Pointing the rifle to the Borg and firing repeatedly, the Gorn began his final battle.


The End.

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