Thursday, February 28, 2008

ST Dark Armada Feb'08

Star Trek: Dark Armada have been taking a well earned rest after the High profile showing of their two trailers before the showing of the Star Trek episode “The Menagerie” at the Pathé Cinema in The Hague.

Their year kicked off with a new website and a Tech Crew meeting at Zoetermeer on Jan 13 where they decided on software & file formats as well as the entire workflow from transportation to publishing the finished episodes. As a result of the meeting, the crew got together a sizable amount of money to invest in better software & hardware which was needed to continue making the episodes. Their next goal is to get their our own camera and a better lighting system, making them less dependant on the generosity of others and able to plan more recording days.

The newly donated money bought them a copy of Sony Vegas 8 Pro to do advanced editing, keeping their sound & imagery synchronized after the keying process. Contributions came in kind as well, as Jacco Borg donated five brand new 500 Gigabyte harddisks so that they can now store and distribute their day's work in Mpeg2 more efficiently, speeding up their post production.

Star Trek: Dark Armada recommenced filming for 2008 on Feb 11.

Monday, February 25, 2008

ST Comics Feb '08

FanComics? Well, yeah, they've been around for a long time as can be seen from "2001 BC: A Spam Oddesy" and "Don't Spok The Afflicted" - hold-overs from the days of hard-copy fanzines which can be seen online. As with other media, modern technology - computers and the internet - have given the masses the tools and a distribution medium to really develop on this.

There are a lot of "one-shot" webcomics online such as K'Pinky and the Brain and Worst Wing as well as the vast "Sev Trek", although it isn't all free now. Some prospered for a while and then folded, like the superlative "Enterprise Oddities" and Trek Wars, which seems to have ground to a halt half-way through chapter 3. "Star Trek: Phoenix-X" hasn't posted an update since November, but the pace of production there is pretty casual so it need not be in hiatus."STS: The Forgotten Frontier" is still going strong though, it's up to issue 365! Is that some kind of a milestone - a year of posts?

One long-running favourite is still cranking out issues, albeit at a very modest rate! Kail Tescar of TAS Comics has eight issue available for download, not including a special featuring the characters from "Starship Exeter". At the moment, he has several comics scripted and is working on their artwork but he could use some help creating aliens. If you like the Animated Series style,and you have some artistic talent, contact Kail on

New comics are springing up to take the place of the older ones, for example the USS Tamarlane that has just published it's first issue plus "ST: TNG - Damaged" by Aric, which it was my privilege to help promote during the Twelve Trek days of Christmas.

April '07 saw the start of "TOSS" by Leckford, a below decks look at the daily life on a non-canon ship he has designed called the USS Mumbai. Interestingly, Leckford also has a second comic called "Percy Street" whose protagonists are making a Star trek fan film! Be warned though: it is sexually explicit in parts although I thought it was well handled.

In some cases a die-hard fan has to keep a sense of proportion and allow Star Trek to be lampooned but in all cases we can see how much of an impression the franchise has had on the public psyche. Expect to hear more about Star Trek webcomics in the future.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

USS Tamarlane, Feb '08

Following up on a successful, 22 page Omake, G.S.Davis released the first issue of the USS Tamarlane, a free 41 page Anime style comic. This, and last month's ST:TNG Damaged by Aric, will set the benchmark against which other comics will be judged!

The consistant, good-looking visuals will pull you in and the witty and thought-provoking plotline will make you want to stay, just remember to leave you preconceptions at the door! Checkout his gallery whilst you're there. Can be viewed online or downloaded as a zip file for later viewing all, of course, for free.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Kirok on Card Modelling, Feb 23

The news that the Enterprise for the new movie is basically the design by Gabe Koerner has got a few people on the Zealots forum working on a new paper model based on his work.

Lord Grey Tiger has released his collection of Star Trek: The Animated Series Hakos.

Zosho has two kits on his website marked as new, a Constellation class and a Romulan, D'deridex class Warbird as well as a redesign of his Sovereign class, Enterprise E. These are in addition to his Akira, Defiant, Sabre and plus photos of his build of Chippy Chua's Intrepid.

Has anyone built Clever Santaros' model of the NX-02 Columbia? Col. Kurtz seems to be having trouble getting the saucer sections together.

In mid-December, D-WHALE released a Cheyenne class on the Zealot forum which has been added as a download today.

Col. kurtz has posted a photo essay on his build of 'Edwards' Nebula class, USS Sutherland. He found major problems with the design of the saucer which he fixed with a workaround (helped by D-Whale). Essential reading if you intend doing this model. D-Whale mentioned that in "some few months" he would be releasing "my Nebula in two different versions." On a previous thread he also mentions the Krenim Temporal Warship from Voyager plus a Niagara Class and Freeedom Class to go with his Cheyenne class (see above) as a "Wolf 357 battle set".

Nothing (that's his handle) has done a photo essay on his build of Chippy's Intrepid class, Voyager.

The website has a collection of Star Trek Models, a couple of which look familiar, but none with the name of the designer tagged to them so I can't tell who designed them. All of them seem to be to a common scale, 1/1000. They have ...
  • Akyazy class action-perimeter cruiser
  • Caracel Warbird
  • USS Enterprise NCC-1701 Constitution Class
  • Klingon Cruiser D 4 Class (an original idea of Star Trek Museum)
  • Enterprise NX-01 NX Class
I suspect these are the work of Pericles although I believe they might be a different scale. I'm afraid I find his website to be very confusing - I'd appreciate an update of what he has available for download.