Thursday, February 28, 2008

ST Dark Armada Feb'08

Star Trek: Dark Armada have been taking a well earned rest after the High profile showing of their two trailers before the showing of the Star Trek episode “The Menagerie” at the Pathé Cinema in The Hague.

Their year kicked off with a new website and a Tech Crew meeting at Zoetermeer on Jan 13 where they decided on software & file formats as well as the entire workflow from transportation to publishing the finished episodes. As a result of the meeting, the crew got together a sizable amount of money to invest in better software & hardware which was needed to continue making the episodes. Their next goal is to get their our own camera and a better lighting system, making them less dependant on the generosity of others and able to plan more recording days.

The newly donated money bought them a copy of Sony Vegas 8 Pro to do advanced editing, keeping their sound & imagery synchronized after the keying process. Contributions came in kind as well, as Jacco Borg donated five brand new 500 Gigabyte harddisks so that they can now store and distribute their day's work in Mpeg2 more efficiently, speeding up their post production.

Star Trek: Dark Armada recommenced filming for 2008 on Feb 11.

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