Monday, July 5, 2010

What Kirok did ... in July

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ensign Sue Must Die!

The idea of the Mary Sue in fan fiction has become such a stereotype that, although such characters really do exist (I've even known one in an audio drama!), they are an object of such ridiculosity (words fail me!) that the terrible plot becomes funny in itself. Kevin Bolk and Clare Moseley have decided to have a little fun with the idea with a web comic series entitled...

Kevin (who does the art) and Clare (who plots the storyline and does the scripting with Kevin) shared a table in the Artist's Alley at Wizard World Philadelphia last weekend at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. I particularly like the way he has lampooned the cast of the new movie, the Spock's in episode 1, Chris Pine's Cpt Kirk in number two & four and Chekov in episode five! Checkout the series on DeviantArt, HERE.


What Kirok did ... in June

  • My thread on TrekUnited, Graphics 101, has so far covered composition, photo references, body proportions, sketching using stick figures and character reference sheets. 
  • Started another blog to cover craft and construction projects as well as what I like to think of as men's issues, Igor's Workshop. Kicked it off with a simple idea for a budget Moleskine portfolio.
  • Continued my investigation that there is more on DeviantArt than just painting and drawing, I have featured ...

    The photography of Chonastock
  • Most of my spare time has been taken up with a secret project that could re-boot an old favourite on TrekUnited
  • ...However I have been watching Star Trek Specter closely. The more of it I see the more excited I get!

Monday, May 31, 2010

What Kirok did ... in May

  • Celebrated 25 years of marriage to She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed. My best friend and still the sexiest women alive.
  • Started a thread on TrekUnited giving a blow-by-blow description of my attempts to re-awaken my latent graphic arts abilities. Being the lazy, uh I mean, efficient man that I am, you might find some short-cuts in there that might be of use to you.
  • Continued with the thread on TU of noteworthy Star Trek material on DeviantArt, with the art of Sean Tourangeau and Chris Hoffman.

What Kirok did ... in April

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Star Trek: Specter - prepare to be amazed!

Commenced in August 2006 , Star Trek: Specter is a movie length, fan-made animation - not a machinima! - which could well give Star Trek: Aurora a run for its money as the animation of the year for 2010! The sheer scope of this work - 20 scenes released so far and still going! - is absolutely mind-boggling! This playlist puts the scenes into order and for details - beware spoilers! - you can checkout the exhaustive entry on the Star Trek Expanded Universe Wiki

Prepare to be amazed!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What Kirok did ... in March

  • The first issue of Acrux for this year is shaping up nicely but it is taking longer because its bigger - MUCH bigger - than normal. Got some great submissions too!
  • TrekUnited has changed hands and the new management looks like continuing the site in the spirit that it has always been - unbiased, flame-retardant and fan-friendly. As Director of Media I understand that the audio and video centers which have been down for a while are to be resurrected.
  • Been following a new critique blog on audio drama - Audio Drama Review
  • Posting links on TU of noteworthy Star Trek material on DeviantArt, featuring the art of Trance-Master, J-Redd, MadameManga, RocketShoes, Frenchie1941
  • Floating the idea of doing an original pulp audio drama instead of the Crimson Skies mini series
  • Trying to clear the decks for April when I will be doing ScriptFrenzy again.