Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What Kirok did ... in March

  • The first issue of Acrux for this year is shaping up nicely but it is taking longer because its bigger - MUCH bigger - than normal. Got some great submissions too!
  • TrekUnited has changed hands and the new management looks like continuing the site in the spirit that it has always been - unbiased, flame-retardant and fan-friendly. As Director of Media I understand that the audio and video centers which have been down for a while are to be resurrected.
  • Been following a new critique blog on audio drama - Audio Drama Review
  • Posting links on TU of noteworthy Star Trek material on DeviantArt, featuring the art of Trance-Master, J-Redd, MadameManga, RocketShoes, Frenchie1941
  • Floating the idea of doing an original pulp audio drama instead of the Crimson Skies mini series
  • Trying to clear the decks for April when I will be doing ScriptFrenzy again.

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