Friday, December 14, 2007

Day 6: Six Filkers, Filking

Filk is a tradition as old as Sci Fi conventions, and a subset of this tradition is Star Trek parodies of Christmas carols which are traditionally sung by trek fans to celebrate the season of goodwill to the accompaniment of much revelry and the imbibing of your drink of choice! The USS Joan of Arc, a Starfleet International Star Trek fan club of Corpus Christi, Texas, quite often gets the whole restaurant singing along with them at their Christmas parties! Follow the link to read more and download the songsheets for six of their original Filk Christmas carols.

Whatever the definition of Filk, Star Trek Christmas carols are a long-standing tradition, some are collected on their creators websites and others have anonymously been handed down for years - decades! - on Star Trek bulletin boards. Fleet Captain Robin Van Cleave of the USS Joan of Arc in Corpus Christi, Texas has collected six Filks from her crew and their assorted friends in Trek fandom and beyond - she even got one from her boss, the captain of the County Sheriff's Office! They are offered with their Christmas wish for you to enjoy the very best of the Holiday Season and that you have a happy and safe New Year.

click on the title to download the song sheet:

The Twelve Days of Trek-Mas!

Deck the Great Halls

Captain Baby

Voyager, the Infamous Spaceship

Nuttin' For Christmas

A Dominion Wonderland

... If you want to hear how it's done, why not listen to Zach on Hailing Frequency #41 and Dan & CJ of the Love Long and Prosper (#73) podcasts who have a rendition of one of my personal favourites - "The Twelve Trek Days of Christmas"! Enjoy!

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