Monday, December 14, 2009

Fan Producer gets go ahead for STO Radio

Kinneas, co-founder with Zach Nicodemous of Hailing Frequencies, the primary source of my intelligence on Star Trek gaming, has achieved a long term goal that will give him the opportunity to play a leading part in the world of Star Trek Online, both In Character and Out Of Character! From the announcement on the Hailing Frequencies website and forum...
'Gaming Radio Network', Creators of EVE Radio... are an amazingly professional group with many years of experience entertaining MMO audiences and were very receptive to my ideas on what I would do if I had a Star Trek Online Radio station.

So they gave me a fully developed station and all the creative control I will need to work with potential Role-Playing (and non- Role Playing ) DJ's who want to be the voices of the United Federation, Klingon Empire and all the realms in-between and beyond. As well as the freedom to work with the Fleets of Star Trek Online to provide them a way to promote themselves or spread empire news.
The first thing I have to say is, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Sport, you've got the talent and drive to do this. The work of all concerned with Hailing Frequencies, both as a podcast, an online fanzine and gaming news site and forum is an example to the fan production community of what can be done with imagination and drive.

Cryptic Studios and Gaming Radio Network are to be congratulated for taking the so far unique stand of giving a fan production group the opportunity to show that they can cut it in the world of MMOG entertainment media!

Dude, I am so jealous! (^V^)

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