Saturday, December 5, 2009

What Kirok did ... in December

Getting buckled down to The Twelve Days of Christmas and Radio Liberty but I still can't resist giving people the benefit of my two strips of Latinum. My current bee-in-my-bonnet is how to publicise fan productions to mainstream audiences without it favouring the high profile productions whilst giving a potential audience enough information for them to be tempted to watch/listen/read/play a fan produced item.
  • The idea was one I'd pondered before but it was brought to the fore by a valid comment by Professor Moriarty on the Trek BBS.
  • A comment to an otherwise interesting interview with Clive Young caused me to expand on my thoughts with the aid one of Clive's descriptions.
  • Made some suggestions to Barbreader for how she could improve on the functionality of her website, Star Trek Reviewed, that reminded me that I had never mentioned it here. It is an immensely useful resource for finding a vast array of Star Trek fan productions.
  • Recently lost my beloved but aging iPaq and my capability for reading eBooks went with it! After looking at other PDA options, and because I am jealous of my son's iPod Touch, I decided to see what possibilities there were in the way of mobile phone aps for a Nokia N5730
  • Posted to the Star Trek Paper Modeller's Yahoo Group that gamestockmassena has found a new home for the fan-made constructable card game, "Pirates of the Federation" and in the process updated the gaming material.
  • Experimented with Playlists on my YouTube channel.
  • Mooted the possibilities of audio dramas tying in to fan film fanchises.
  • Looking for group!!! Fleet Captain James Cecil, CO of the USS Commonwealth, a Kentucky based Star Trek fan club, part of Starfleet International, is interested in starting a fan film. Voyages Of The Funakoshi will take place during the TNG era, more precisely right after the events of the movie STAR TREK: Generations and he has open positions right across the board: writers, actors, camera operators, sound recorders, Special Effects and makeup artists. Interested parties can email him at
  • December 19 - Officially started the 2009 Twelve Trek Days of Christmas
  • Day 1: A simple to construct game board and playing pieces for Klin Zha, the Klingon equivalent to chess. Just cut, fold, glue and play. (I'm open to suggestions for new playing pieces!)
  • Day 2: A hyperlinked guide to fan reporting in 2009 - from UseNet to social networking, from fanzines to podcasts
  • Day 3: With the down-turn in the economy, this year I could only afford two wise men as the team from TWERPs podcasted about religion and politics in Star Trek in their third annual Trekcast.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kirok. Have you had a chance to listen to Star Trek: Grissom? It has been really well received as a 23rd century drama.