Monday, February 8, 2010

What Kirok did ... in February

The Twelve Trek Days of Christmas is winding to a close. This year I am determined that I will complete all the days even if it means dragging into the second month of the new year! Just to keep you abreast of what I am working on...
  • Day 10, paper models, is about a quarter done - the sticking point is the fiddly formatting to put it up on the blog - I released as far as The Original Series early in the month.
  • The command structure of the USS Southern Cross, an Australasian Star Trek fan club that has always been family friendly, has started a push to improve the fan experience for parents and children 
  • Over the weekend of Feb 6/7th we, myself and She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed, flew up to the borderlands of the Purple People for a gathering of the clans to celebrate the Diamond Wedding Anniversary of The L'Stok of L'Stoks - my parents. Great weekend with all the credit going to my sisters and nieces.
  • On the air trip up there and back I was able to write a little more of Trek Twelfth Night and catch up with some audio ...

  • Back-tracked and listened to the last episode of ST: Grissom before the latest one.
  • From an aside on sffaudio I discovered an amazing repository of Audio! A great resource that I agree will bring the BBC more listeners rather than lose them revenue. I'm currently downloading Under Milk Wood as narrated by Sir Richard Burton in 1963 - a national treasure!

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