Monday, February 8, 2010

What Kirok did ... in January

The Twelve Trek Days of Christmas ALL MONTH!
  • Day 4: A comprehensive guide to every Star Trek audio drama known as at the posting date. Are they good? That's for you to decide!
  • Day 5: Five seminal fan films created between 1969 - 2000 that paved the way for the fan film sub-culture we are enjoying today.
  • Day 6: Once the preserve of the big production houses with their teams of talented artists, computer graphics have brought animation within the reach of 'everyman'. What is being made, how and by whom?
  • Day 7: Star Trek: Twelfth Night - An appropriation of Shakespeare's classic comedy! Have you ever noticed how in a mirror, everything is turned about?
  • Day 8: Last year's survey of Music Videos makes a return as Sebastiaan van Mierlo, the owner of Final Frontier Media, gives us his pick of the top Star Trek music videos of all time!
  • Day 9: The new and improved Twelve Trek Days of Christmas "Compendium of Games", a survey of fan-made and commercial games based on Star Trek including quick-start rules for a custom-made RPG system, Fantasy Trek 

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