Monday, April 28, 2008

Looking For Group, May '08

May 5 - Voice Actor auditions for Star Trek: Dimensions
Audio Drama looking for Voice Actors, Auditions close May 5. Details on Voice Acting Alliance
  • Three any voicing
  • Three Male or Female, late 30s - Late 50s
  • Three males age: 26-42.
  • Two females age 30-32
  • One male Mid 40s, early 50s. A bit of a southern drawl.
  • One male age 45, British Accent
  • One male age: 25. nerd
  • One female age:26, American Accent
  • One female Andorian, Age 33.

May 10-11 - Casting Call for Star Trek Osiris
Live action fan film, Detroit, Michigan area. Millada Productions will be holding a general casting call on Saturday May 10th and Sunday the 11th for starring roles in the upcoming Star Trek: Osiris, late Summer to early Fall '08 release . Contact details on website
  • Six female parts, ranging from age 25-40+
  • Nine male parts, ranging from age 25-50+
No Closing date - Voice Actor auditions for Star Trek: Orion
Audio Drama looking for Voice Actors, no closing date for Auditions. Details on ST Orion Blog
pre-production stage.
  • Five males
  • One female
No Closing date - Writer for Star Rabbit Tracks
Established Audio Drama comedy/parody of Star Trek/Beatrix Potter looking for writer/s to extend the season. Contact details on Misfits audition page (sorry I missed getting the auditions out for the VA's for this!).

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