Monday, April 28, 2008

Trekkie Central Apr '08

48pages colour, 9.2Mb pdf,
Issue Five for April '08, of Trekkie Central Magazine is now online and gives a broad, colourful overview of Star Trek fan films and audio dramas. It features articles on Starship Farragut, The Animated Episodes, plus an interview with it's producer, Michael Struck and a review of Borg War, The Movie by Australia's very own Gerri & Eugenia of GE News, plus an interview with it's creator Geoffrey James. There's also an interview with Guy Davis, creator of USS Tamarlane and a review of his Trek manga fan comic by Richard Miles.

Star Trek fan fiction is covered in this issue by an article on Trek by Alex Matthews and an extended feature on Trek Fanfic author, Rigel Kent, including an extract from four of the books in his Star Trek: Endeavour series and another review by Richard Miles.

All this plus interviews with Areakt productions exec. producer, Rob Caves, Trekspace creator, Alec Peters, and a commentary by the ever erudite Mr John Whiting make it well worth browsing.

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