Friday, April 11, 2008

ST Fanzine - Chekov 40 Years and Counting

I'm a bit late with this snip, but it meshes well with Water Koenig's recent red-carpet showing of "To Serve All My days - A Night in 1969" at the Fine Arts Theatre in Beverly Hills, CA on Saturday, March 29.

A commemorative magazine has been created as a gift for Walter Koenig on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Chekov’s first appearance on our television screens: September 15, 2007. With 124 pages of high quality photos, this is fanzine is a homage to the every aspect of Walter Koenig's alter-ego, Pavel Chekov. It is an invaluable reference and commentary on just about every appearance he ever made in a Trek related production, including his appearances in Star trek fan productions.

You can download "Chekov 40 Years and Counting" as a zipped pdf for free so that you can print it off yourself. Alternatively, you can order a high resolution printed copy, spiral bound with clear covers (300dpi, versus the web 72 dpi) from the print shop that handles Orion Press fanzines for the low price of $39.99, shipping included. For each magazine sold, the entire profit of $1.34 will be donated to the U.S. Campaign for Burma, Walter's current charity of choice. (feel free to add a larger donation).

Checkout the main page of The Chekovsite for more details.

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