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Kirok on Audio Dramas, Jan '08

Playing catch-up with Audio dramas since my last update in September.


Jan 27 - Act 2 of Episode 3 "Yours, Mines And Ours" (10 mins 45s, 7.4Mb) released by Star Trek Eras. As Deep Space 5's research team tries to investigate the mysterious minefield surrounding Romulan space, Evori remembers a conflict between the Potemkin's engineer and chief of security while their ship's fate hangs in the balance. Whilst you're waiting for Act 3, why not check out some of the extras from previous episodes, including pdf copies of the scripts and downloads of the original music.

Jan 27 - To mark the launch of the website and virtual production studio of their new parent company, Totally Creative Media, the producers of Star Trek: The Continuing Mission have released the first of an exclusive, three part interview between Tim Renshaw and Gene Roddenberry. This is to be followed by another three part interview with Deforest Kelley and a third interview with James Doohan, all conducted during the pre-production and production phase of Star Trek The Motion Picture during the 1970's. Their pilot episode, "Ghost Ship" was released on Dec 25, featuring special guest star Lawrence Montaigne. Lawrence appeared in the original series as the Romulan officer Decius in 'Balance of Terror' and as Spocks rival Stonn in 'Amok Time'. A recording session with Lawrence took place in mid-September.

Jan 25 - ST Excelsior released their third episode, Act III of their "The Excelsior Returns Arc" titled, "Turns of Events" (45 mins). The Excelsior has retreated outside the system and dealt with the intruders. But Captain Cortez's team is still trapped on the planet, suddenly facing a Prime Directive dilemma as welll as Sorid-Gee's impending betrayal! Will the Excelsior's rescue attempt come in time? And what has happened to Special Operations Chief Amara?
Act II, "The Valandrian Expedition" (33 mins) was released on Dec 5 and the latest info is that Act III, "Wildfire" is scheduled for March. ST Excelsior is based on a Role Playing Game, an interesting concept as I pointed out in my earlier post at the release of their first episode in Sep '07 which they are now calling a "pilot episode".

Jan 23 - Circus 13 Productions premiered their new production, Star Trek: The New Frontier, with episode one, "The Beginning" The brainchild of James Leeper who wrote, co-directed with Cpt. John Tadrzak and produced it. ... All is not normal at Deep Space Thirteen, a new worm hole leads to some place else where no man has gone before. As something lurks to capture or even destroy the USS Phoenix, her crew is the last hope for the station's survival!

Jan 14 - Pendant productions released their latest episode of Star Trek: Defiant, "Shepherd Moons, part 1" (39mins 23s). The crew mourns the loss of Commander Ry, even as life marches ever onward. Meanwhile, Mnet has some new friends to help him exact new tortures upon a new race!
  • Oct 11 - Ep 17 - With Honor and Courage, part 1 (34min 44s, 8.0Mb). The Defiant and the Shin'Aqi battle as the Task Force fights for their freedom! Senator Dreshek provides some unexpected assistance, and Commander Ry prepares a team for her mission and wants to include... Gul Otek.
  • Nov 8 - Ep 18 - With Honor and Courage, part 2 (34min 13s, 7.8Mb). Adam and Rael have planned a surprise for the captain, which involves music, a bear hug and a reunion with an old friend. Ry's team prepares for their assault on Destur Muht, and love finally finds two of the Task Force members.
  • Dec 13 - Ep 19 - With Honor and Courage, part 3 (34min 44s, 8.0Mb). New complications arise between Commander Ry and Gul Otek and the Captain gets disconcerting news from Admiral Bahvratti. The infiltration of Destur Muht holds some surprises, Lieutenant Magas makes a tough decision and B'Gruja knows best.
  • Eps 18, 19 & 20 have an audio commentary track
Jan 1 - Darker Projects released their latest episode (Ep. 7) of Star Trek: Lost Frontier, "Resistance" (29min 22s, 27.1 MB) We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to sustain our own. Your culture will adapt to nourish us ... Resistance is futile.
  • Oct 1 - Ep. 4 Escape from Korsava 4 (27min 54s, 25.7 MB) Trapped on the surface of prison world. The Enterprise away team make a desperate attempt to escape. But just how much can they trust the mysterious Mister Jezek? And just what will it cost them in the end?
  • Nov 1 - Ep. 5 The Fallen Empire (24min 35s, 22.7 MB) Starfleet Command sends the Enterprise to investigate what has becomes of the Klingon Empire after the Infection struck. But along the way they make a shocking discovery.
  • Dec 1 - Ep. 6 Remnant of the Klingons (23min 40s, 21.9 MB) The Enterprise discover a threat that could annihilate not only the last of the Klingons. But the Federation as well.
  • Series 2 of Star Trek The Lost Frontier begins April 1st 2008.
Dec 15 - Star Trek: Unity released their premiere 'audiosode', the audio drama "Disunity" (1hr 15mins, 73Mb). Originally, and presumably still, envisaged as a machinima project, "Star Trek: Unity" have been working steadily towards this release for almost exactly a year now. Features Special Guest Star Kurt Carley, and available in four different formats
  • a single MP3 file
  • a four-part set of MP3 files (for easier chapter navigation)
  • a CD image complete with episode CD label
  • a format made especially for dial-up users
Check out their website for a poster and desktop wallpaper images available in several sizes. I'll post more on this after I've listened to it, I've been looking forward to it for ages!

In Production

Star Trek: Archimedes has swung back into full production after a brief holiday over Christmas. Co-producer, Fiona Conn is now cracking-the-whip to get lines in for their second episode. In Fionna's words, "The idea behind Archimedes was that ...Cadets would be assigned to a ship for two years in order to conclude their training ...Ultimately, our goal is to show the Cadets growing up through their experiences on board the Archimedes, becoming adults in their own right, before finally graduating at the end."

"Star Trek: Diplomatic Relations" called for and closed auditions on the Star Trek: Intrepid forum - you've got to be fast! Alex Matthews, has scored the services of two Hidden Frontier alumni for his premiere episode. They are Karl Puder, who will be reprising his character of General Korg from HF and the Section 31 Files, and Heather Ashleigh as Princess Regent Mey'Lii of the Royal Blood. Heather was the last actress to play Silan, Henglaar's niece, in Hidden Frontier.
The script of the second episode was completed and distributed by Nov and Alex has posted on the forum they have had hosted by Star Trek: Intrepid that they are close to releasing their first episode and have just opened their own forum and website to the public.

Starfleet Renegades has a forum now instead of the MySpace account although there doesn't seem to be much apparent movement. Must be like an iceberg: 7/8ths of it you can't see!


Nothing new that I've heard of.

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