Saturday, January 26, 2008

Kirok on Fan Films - Jan '08

Playing catch-up with Fan Films since my last update in September.

Featured Production

"Star Trek: Beyond" (ST: B)

In Production

Star Trek: Horizon (ST-Ho)
Star Trek: Odyssey (ST-O)
Star Trek: Operation Beta Shield (ST-BS)
Star Trek: The Helena Chronicles(ST-HC)


Star Trek: Gatekeeper (ST-Ga)
Star Trek: The Expedition (ST-Exp)

Looking for Group ...
A new machinima series is hull-down on the horizon! Star Trek: Challenger is to be made using Elite Force I [?], the co-writers have posted a number of screen-shots on the HF forum, they have a Wiki with the bare bones of the info about the project and a forum where they are taking auditions for Voice Actors.
What's this? ? No one knows yet but thanks to JGBR for the heads-up!

Watch out for ...
The next issue of Trekkie Central, a new fanzine focusing on Star Trek fan films which will be featuring interviews with Starship Farragut cast and crew in it's next issue.
The third Excelsior Ball which celebrates 7 years of Hidden Frontier, Odyssey, Helena Chronicles and more on June 6-8th at the Radisson Hotel at Los Angeles Airport.


Therin of Andor said...


Google found me a reference to a cicular you apparently sent out to various Sydney ST groups on Jan 25, including to me! - but I don't recall ever receiving it, and the URL you promoted in your post leads nowhere. I finally backtracked your online profile to here.

Kirok of LStok said...

Greetings, Therin of Andor! May your antennae always pickup SBS! I've no idea what the Jan 25 corro was. At that time I would have been winding up the Twelve days of Christmas ...
... and I was sending out notices about it all over the place. I recall I tried to contact you quite a while back just to touch base, perhaps that was it? You were on the first Exeter fan film weren't you? I've never been able to work out which one though! Were you the one who "fell" over the waterfall? Stay in the touch, I'm hoping to get some interest going in getting some Australian Star Trek fan productions going.