Monday, January 28, 2008

ST: Helena Chronicles - Jan '08

Star Trek: The Helena Chronicles is following up on it's successful premiere episode, "Sanctuary Lost", which was released on Jan 4, with filming this month of their second episode, "Obsessions", expected to be released in early March. Directed by veteran Dave Mason, you can download the "Obsessions" preview now from the download page.

"Obsessions" will have guest appearances by HF veterans Mike Johns (Johns), Joanne Busch (Cmdr. Robin Lefler) and David W. Dial (Knapp). It will also introduce Melodee M. Spevack, who played the Andorian Comm Voice on the Star Trek: Enterprise episode Kir'Shara, in a recurring part. This striking actress, who has an impressive filmography on IMDB, has been cast as an Orion Syndicate boss! For more information see this month's newsletter.

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