Monday, January 28, 2008

ST: Odyssey - Jan '08

Star Trek: Odyssey should be releasing it's third episode, entitled "The Lotus Eaters", this month, directed by David O'Neill and scored by first-time composer and international member, Bodo Hartwig who has worked extensively with Star Trek: Intrepid. According to the latest Hidden newsletter, the website already has a preview on the episodes page and production photos in the gallery.

"The Lotus Eaters" continues Ro's epic journey home through the dangerous Andromeda Galaxy. The Odyssey has detected a Federation distress signal, but is it an Archein trap? New aliens are encountered but will they be friend or foe? Find out, later this month!
Episode 4, "Vile Gods", which continues the plotline of "Lotus Eaters", goes into production next month, will be directed by Adam Browne and will guest star Melodee M. Spevack - for more information see this month's newsletter.

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