Monday, January 28, 2008

ST: Operation Beta Shield Jan '08

Star Trek: Operation Beta Shield, the second collaboration between Star Trek: Intrepid and Areakt productions, the home of Hidden Frontier, The Helena Chronicles and Odyssey, has announced the arrangements for shooting the live action scenes in the week prior to the Third Excelsior Ball on the weekend of June 6-8th. Scotland, the home of Intrepid, will be the venue of further filming throughout the first half of 2008 as schedules permit and the feature-length episode will go online in the northern hemisphere Summer. According to the Dec newsletter, "the film will serve as the prelude to a new Hidden Frontier spinoff that will launch later that year."

Star Trek: Operation Beta Shield is a epic adventure reuniting the legendary crews of U.S.S. Excelsior, under the command of Captain Elizabeth Shelby (Risha Denney), and USS Intrepid, under the command of Captain Daniel Hunter (Nick Cook), as well as Klingon Warrior and hero of the War for the Briar Patch, General Korg (Karl Puder) and many returning characters from the Hidden Frontier universe in a team-up mission of galactic proportions!

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