Monday, January 28, 2008

ST: The Expedition - Jan '08

Star Trek: The Expedition is getting closer to filming. Producer, director and writer Thomas Reynolds already has a cgi teaser, Bloopers and two short films online ...
  • 01/01/08 - "Time Flies" (5 mins 11s) stars Nick Cook, listed as co-producer and one of the leading lights of Star Trek: Intrepid, and Tiffeney Wheeller as Executive Officer, Zee Kendral.
  • 30/12/07 - "The Choice" (5 mins 21s) introduces David A'll in his acting debut as well as Steven Wood, the Exec. producer, as a Section 31 operative.
Commodore Mackenzie's mission to stop a surge of refugees from swamping the Alpha quadrant goes silent and the USS Discovery is sent to investigate. Allen Merritt, who plays Adrian Jacob's, the Captain the Discovery, is suported by Andrew Foster, a HF alumni, who plays his partner in a gay marriage, Rio Temple as Drea Imperioli, Elizabeth Rizzo as the Cardassian Chief Engineer, James T. Frost as Jeremy Aster and Javier Alba will play Security Chief Ty Mar

Thomas' latest news is that the role of Commodore Mackenzie "has been recast and will be played by broadway star Randal Kieth. Right now, Randal is at the Wynn Casino most recently playing King Arthur in Spamalot. Though he is best known for playing Jean Valjean in Les Misrables on Broadway. He will appear in the directors cut of 'The Choice' and make his film acting debut in The Expedition."

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