Monday, January 28, 2008

ST: Gatekeeper - Jan '08

Star Trek: Gatekeeper A Norwegian (but English language) movie, made in cooperation with fans in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Spain and The US. It is 2887 and a stationary Nexus appears just above the Mars Colony. Billions of different species from across the entire Galaxy swarm through the Alpha Quadrant in the hope of eternal life inside the Nexus. In 2892 the Federation is asked to build a space station, the biggest structure in Starfleet history, to keep people away from the Nexus.

So far the producers have invited four sci-fi celebrities to join the cast of Gatekeeper for a cameo. The website is a portal for a future 'web station' as well as the movie and will answer questions about these two projects. The Station is to open the 13th of September at Trekkers Norway Con Warp 2008 and the movie is to start shooting the summer of 2009, during the Oslo Sci-Fi Festival, but the entire production will take up to three years. The first shoot will concentrate on the opening of the movie, as well as the vignette. These sequences will also be the Trailers for the movie, and will most likely be released in January 2010 and in May 2010. For more information, checkout Timo Vuorensola's Iron Sky Blog from way back on July 29.

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